Tahira Gulamani, B.Sc.

M.A. Program in Counselling and Clinical Psychology 

(Field: Clinical Psychology)

Department of Psychological Clinical Science

University of Toronto

(Primary Supervisor: Professor Amanda A. Uliaszek | Secondary Supervisor: Professor Anthony C. Ruocco)

ResearchGate Profile


B.Sc., Specialist in Mental Health Studies, University of Toronto

Graduate Student Research Award-Master’s Award, University of Toronto (2019)

Canada Graduate Scholarships-Master's Award, Canadian Institutes of Health Research (2018-2019)

Research Interests:
Tahira’s research focuses on internalizing and externalizing psychopathology in adolescents, including those with borderline personality disorder traits. She is also interested in studying the effects of dialectical behaviour therapy skills training on emotional reactivity in adults and adolescents with borderline personality disorder traits.